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The Natural Maine Wild Blueberry

G. M. Allen & Son, Inc. blueberries grow naturally wild in the rocky blueberry barrens on the Blue Hill Bay Peninsula as they have for thousands of years. This is the region that inspired Robert McCloskey’s children’s book, Blueberries For Sal.

Wild Maine Blueberries are unique in the U.S. to a small area in eastern Maine and thrive in the cool, moist sea air of this beautiful region. These naturally smaller wild blueberries are sweet and irresistibly delicious.

In spring, the blueberry barrens come to life with a soft green color and white blossoms. In late July and early August the barrens gradually turn blue as the berries ripen and the harvest begins. After the harvest, and with the onset of fall, the barrens turn a bright crimson red that rivals any fall foliage. The natural cycle of the Maine wild blueberry is now complete.

The Allen family is now in their fourth generation of growing and harvesting this gift of nature: the Maine wild blueberry.

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