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George M. Allen photoA Proud 4th Generation Family Tradition

G. M. Allen & Son was founded in 1912 by Roy P. Allen, son of George M. Allen of North Sedgwick, Maine and the Friend brothers of baked bean fame. The original company was known as the North Sedgwick Canning Company. The company began canning baked beans and then added blueberries and apples.

Roy P. Allen photoIn 1922, the firm became known as G. M. Allen & Son and carried that name until 1959 when Roy P. Allen passed on. The business then became G. M. Allen & Son, Inc. and was headed by Mrs. Roy P. Allen until 1972. During those many years, Roy Allen bought blueberry land, pruned the many acres and harvested every August for the canning process.

Kermit & Wayne Allen photoIn 1973, Kermit and Wayne Allen, sons of Roy P. Allen, assumed leadership of the company and relocated the business to its present location on route 15 in Orland, Maine between Bucksport and Blue Hill. The focus of the operation changed with the times from canning to freezing blueberries know as Individually Quick Frozen (IQF).

Today, Wayne and Kermit, along with some of their children, still own and operate the business. The fourth generation continues the long tradition of growing and harvesting blueberries on the Blue Hill Peninsula.

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