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The Tastiest Way to Get Your Antioxidants!

Recent USDA studies measured the antioxidant activity of more than 40 commercially available fruits and vegetables and ranked BLUEBERRIES #1!

Blueberry muffinsEvery day, the cells in our body wage a battle against free radicals-unstable oxygen molecules associated with cancer, heart disease and the effects of aging. Antioxidants come to the rescue. These natural substances, found in fruits and vegetables, neutralize free radicals and protect against disease and age-related health risks. Powerful antioxidants include phytochemicals such as anthocyanins, the deep blue and red pigments of fruits like WILD BLUEBERRIES.

For great taste and antioxidant power, there’s no better choice than a daily dose of WILD BLUEBERRIES. One half cup of WILD BLUEBERRIES delivers as much antioxidant power as four servings of other antioxidant fruits and vegetables.

And there’s more good news: the FDA has concluded that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh and may even retain their nutritional value longer. It’s a great reason to look to frozen WILD BLUEBERRIES from G. M. Allen & Son, Inc. for your daily dose of antioxidants.

*Source: Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
44:701-705; 3426-3343, 1996; 46:2686-2693, 1998

Ways to prepare and serve wild blueberries are limited only by your imagination.

  • Cereal, salad, entrees
  • Pancakes, waffles, muffins
  • Shakes, smoothie, health drink
  • Ice cream, yogurt, desserts
  • Pies, turnovers or right from the box
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